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FAQ - TSC Chauffeur : The Best Limos in Melbourne


No Question Goes Unanswered in our FAQ

Vehicle FAQ

What vehicle colours does TSC Chauffeurs offer?

What luggage capacity does TSC Chauffeurs offer?

What age will my car be?

Do TSC Chauffeurs cars have multi media entertainment?

Do you provide phone chargers?

Do you operate a non smoking policy?

Do you provide bottled mineral water in the vehicle?

Do you allow eating on board?

Chauffeur and Driver FAQ

Will my chauffeur wear a tie and suit?

Will my chauffeur talk to me?

Will my chauffeur open the door for me?

Will my chauffeur respect my privacy?

Will my chauffeur make calls using his mobile phone?

Will my chauffeur help me with my luggage?

Will the chauffeur ever speed?

Will the chauffeur drive with alertness and consideration?

General & Booking FAQ

Booking Method

When do I need to book?

Setting up an invoice or an account

When should I pay for my booking?

Does TSC Chauffeurs notify me when my car arrives?

Is it possible to pay for more than one journey without the waiting time?

Are baby seats provided?

Are young children considered passengers?

Airport FAQ

How will I recognize my chauffeur at the airport?

If my flight is arrives early will my chauffeur be there?

What should I do if my flight is seriously delayed and I don’t have updated flight details?

How long does it take to get from Heathrow or Gatwick Airport into Central London?

What happens if my flight details change?

Will I be charged for tolls and parking?

How many hours before my flight should I arrive at the terminal?

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Pricing & Tariff FAQ

Do you have a price list?

Does TSC Chauffeurs reward regular clients?

Is VAT included?

Are extra charges applied at Christmas/New Year and bank holidays?

Is there an additional charge when entering the congestion zone?

Will my vehicle be safe?

Will my vehicle have umbrellas available just in case it rains?

Will my vehicle be clean?

Will I be charged for waiting time?

Weddings FAQ

Can TSC Chauffeurs offer an alternative car for the wedding reception?

Can I book several trips fur my wedding guests?